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From Cousins to Coworkers

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Whether it was making our own beauty “concoctions”, or making a whole town out of Play Doh, as children, we were always creating and using our imaginations. Almost 20 years later and we are still doing just that, but with maybe a little less mess and a little more thought. 


One day we decided we were going to put all of our years of creating and designing together to good use and create Yardley Originals. The name “Yardley” comes from both of our grandmothers maiden names, Yard and Hadley. 


We are proud of how far we have come, and we are excited to see where we will go. 

- Quinn and Bayley 

  Creators of Yardley Originals 

About Us : About Us

We are just starting out in our business venture, so our "offices" are also our homes. As of now, our business is mainly local, therefore our delivery options are limited to local surrounding towns to our two locations.

If you have any questions regarding our delivery options, feel free to privately message us! We’ll do our best to accommodate our customers who live further.

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